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Why Wear a Mouthguard?


During the 2012 AFL season, a Gold Coast Suns player had his front teeth knocked out during a football game. He later required dental surgery to have the teeth re-inserted after the teeth were found on the ground after the game. The player had a mouthguard with him….but it was in his sock, not in his mouth! He will now miss games as he recovers from surgery, and there is the chance his teeth will die and turn black due to the loss in blood supply to his teeth for some time. Whilst the photo below is a little gruesome, it is attached so we can all learn from this and adjust our habits accordingly.

There are two places for mouthguards:

  • In your mouth when you are on the ground
  • In your footy gear bag when travelling to/from the ground

There are two reasons for wearing your mouthguards at training and games:

  • Protect your mouth/teeth from injury
  • Learn to talk to each other with mouthguards in – need to talk to each other during the game, this is also a skill that needs to be developed